We actively seek both experienced and emerging expert talents in various fields related to foreign policy analysis.

These individuals will bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and, above all, substantive contributions to our projects.

Are you a student?
Check out our mentoring program!

Are you an experienced expert?
While the Institute has a core group of experts, we are open to new individuals full of initiative and a desire for further development. Share your expertise with us and become our Fellow Expert or mentor for students!

Are you a young researcher?
We prioritize collaboration and promotion of young experts, directing them to the Young Experts Day initiative within the 3s1o Conference. We engage young researchers in analytical work conducted at the Institute in collaboration with recognized experts in their field. The Institute is often the place where young researchers first publish their work or participate in expert and scientific conferences on behalf of the Institute.

Do you want to become a partner of The Opportunity?
If your organization also values informing, educating, and promoting civic awareness and democratic values ​​and human rights, popularizing knowledge and science, promoting, shaping, strengthening, and developing international cooperation in the areas of politics, economy, law, and cultural exchange, we will gladly cooperate with you. Let’s organize an event or write a report together!


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