In our Institute, we believe that dialogue and cooperation are the foundation for producing high-quality analyses and preparing policy recommendations.

  • Therefore, our activities include organizing expert seminars, where experts come together to discuss key issues, exchange insights, and deepen their knowledge.
  • Our flagship conference, Three Seas One Opportunity, is a proof to our commitment to disseminating knowledge about the role of Central and Eastern Europe, attracting a wide range of experts and stakeholders to discuss the region’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.
  • Our networking meetings, OPPen Minds, are open platforms for free discussions and stimulating creative analytical ideas.
  • Additionally, our strategic partnerships with other organizations, including the Układ Sił in the framework of the Geopolitical Book Festival, allow us to expand our outreach and pool resources, increasing our influence on international affairs.

3s1o Conference

  • The event of the year
  • Top level experts
  • Variety of conclusions

Expert seminars

  • Hot topics
  • Selected experts
  • Valuable materials

Networking meetings

  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Openness to exchange
  • Analytical feast

Geopolitical Book Festival

  • Book news
  • Meetings with the authors
  • The event of “Układ Sił”