Our team is involved in creating partnerships that broaden our horizons and increase our influence.
We are open to cooperation with various entities!

Cooperation with NGOs

Collaboration with non-governmental organizations sharing similar views enables us to combine resources, share knowledge, and jointly solve complex problems. Such partnerships expand our reach and influence.

Cooperation with universities and research centres

Collaboration with universities and research centers allows us to tap into the wealth of academic knowledge and experience. The academic environment provides a solid foundation for rigorous research and analysis.

Cooperation with government agencies and public institutions

Collaboration with government agencies and public institutions fosters the exchange of ideas and insights. These partnerships can facilitate the implementation of policy recommendations.

Cooperation with businesses

Collaboration with businesses can lead to innovative solutions and provide insight into the economic dimension of political issues. In today’s world, the private sector plays a significant role in shaping foreign policy.

Cooperation with international organizations

Collaboration with international organizations strengthens our global perspective and influence.

Cooperation with media

Collaboration with the media can help disseminate the findings of our research to a wider audience, increasing public awareness and supporting informed public discourse.

Our openness to collaboration with such diverse partners reflects our commitment to enriching our research, expanding our influence, and fulfilling our motto of “Where potential meets opportunity” in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.